Local Pages for Lauderdale

picture This is the first page of local news and information on the new Freedom-Flame.com website. This page is being formatted for Lauderdale County, but we hope to expand to include other counties in the area.

We are organizing a local news editorial staff. If you would like to work with us researching what is happening at the local government level in your area or your county, please Contact Us.

We would also like to receive articles about local level happenings for the print copy of the Freedom Flame newsletter.

Please have a look at our on-line copy. Click Here or select the tab at the top right of this page.

Please enjoy the Freedom Flame!

Local Events

See what is happening in the Shoals area.

Veteran's Park

Veteran's Park

Pictures of Veteran's Day, 2011 at Veteran's Park.

Soldier's Rest

Soldier's Rest

Pictures of Boy Scouts and local officials honoring the fallen military personnel on Veteran's Day, 2011.