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Welcome to the 2013 Special Edition of the Freedom Flame newsletter.

The Freedom Flame newsletter is a free publication designed to help keep people who live in Northwest Alabama informed on national, state, and local political activities.

It can be found in many Shoals area businesses, many of them advertising in this newsletter.

There is also this on-line edition and archives to previous editions. Click Here or select "Current Issue" from the blue band at the top of this page.

We have the Current Issue in both PDF format and in JPG format. The PDF format produces the sharpest display but it loads slowly. The JPG format loads quickly and the display is sharp enough for many people.

The archived issues are only in the PDF format.

This newsletter was produced monthly and distributed through area businesses until December, 2012 and those issues are in the archives. We will continue to maintain this web site after the New Year with local, state, and national happenings and produce special editions from time to time.

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A New Revolution Has Begun

The enemies of true freedom have systematically undermined the foundations of our society in such a way that the entire American enterprise is hanging by a thread. We could easily lose this nation if, as a culture, we don’t return to our moral and spiritual foundations. Read more.....


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